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Since 1975, we’ve been renting wonderful pianos that are high in quality and highly affordable.
How do we do it? Over the years, we’ve been around the world more than a few times, meeting with designers and craftsmen, and especially, playing the pianos. We only select pianos for rent that are both superior instruments and a terrific value. We want you to play your heart out, not empty your wallet.

We make it easy to play

We’re on our third generation at PianoPiano, and we can tell you there’s no big secret to becoming the number one piano rental source in NYC. Our prices are lower than anyone else, we support our pianos, and we listen to our customers. Bottom line, that’s really all there is to it.

Our pianos have been played everywhere, from Carnegie Hall to The Top of the Rock and a gazillion Broadway shows. We’ve supported and even founded music festivals and radio performances, from WQXR to The Beethoven Festival in Long Island.

The piano is just a remarkable instrument, and it is a privilege to do our part by making it as easy as possible to rent quality pianos to all who are as passionate about playing the piano as we are.