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  • Great place, kind people who really loves music, thank you!

    Allan VillaLobos Calderon
  • Great experience, quality rooms. I made a last-minute booking and they were able to accommodate me. I liked the space and a good price!

    F U.
  • Clean. Reasonable price. Friendly service. Best place to spend $20 living out your unlikely concert pianist future.

    Christopher D.
  • This a traditional rental space in NYC for rehearsals, classes, and auditions. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The place has everything you need including pianos.

    Constance Rodgers
  • Great place to practice, soundproof rooms and great pianos.

    Allan VillaLobos
    Allan VillaLobos
  • I have been teaching in many rental studios in the city, but this one is the winner! Since I found it, I have based my teaching in their both locations. The feel, the decoration, the instruments, the service, the location - all this adds up to what I like about this place.

    Piano T.
    Piano T. Teacher
  • Great place with excellent pianos and a wonderful atmosphere. I highly recommend it!

    Mike Marano
    Mike Marano Singer/Actor/Entertainer
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